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Incandescent lighting. A tactful, brooding lyric, haunted with love lingers in the smoke of a candle filled, hard wood floored ballroom. You question whether to dance, or to lie down and allow the work to flood your every sense. That is the sense memory of listening to Simone Nicole.

Beginning to sing and play drums from an early age, Simone taught herself guitar and began playing local venues in 2008. And while her instrumentation is skilled, it’s her voice that truly draws one in to each and every song. It resonates the personality of every lyric, perfectly paired, exemplifying one of Simone’s strongest traits: she’s incredibly in touch with herself. She knows her songwriting skill, she’s crafted her voice, and her albums serve as evidence.


The Fort Worth based artist grew up a citizen of the globe, moving from the States to Switzerland, and later to the DFW metroplex, and her music reflects that transience. Her influences range from the songwriters of Nashville, to the flashy pop of her early 2000’s youth. She plays with instrumentation, genre, and lyrical style, unconfined to the limits of any one subsect. At best- she can be categorized as a folk artist, but that’d be severely missing the finer points of her talent. It is unconfined creativity, rooted in the human experience, profoundly emotional, made to make to feel- often to make you cry. The intention is to create a web of stories attached to every song, and never to tell the same story the same way.

Simone has been acclaimed as Fort Worth’s Best Musician of 2021, nominated for Best Song by the W.A.M Awards, and Best Folk Act by the Dallas Observer Music Awards, and recently crowned Best Female Vocalist and Pop Act in the 2023 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards. The praises sing on from publications like Indie Spoonful, RAG Talent, and The Fort Worth Weekly. Simone’s latest single, ‘Divine,’ is streaming now, and regularly plays in and around the DFW metroplex. See the ‘Shows’ page to see when Simone will be near you soon.

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